Audit Information

All businesses are subject to audit in order to verify the accuracy of the reported information and the correctness of the Assessor's work in valuing. Some audits are required by the State Board of Equalization ("mandatory") per R & T Code Section 469. Any other audits are considered a "non-mandatory" audit. Information requested by the Assessor per Sections 441 or 442 of the Revenue & Taxation Code must be provided by the Assessee.

Please complete the following forms: Information Request, Audit & Information Checklist, and the Waiver. These forms are the same as the ones that you received alongside the Notice of Audit Selection that was mailed to you. If you complete the forms here, you do not need to complete and return the physical copies that you received.

You can submit attachments as they pertain to the Information Request. If you have questions or need assistance with this process, please contact us at Thank you for your time and cooperation in helping us to continue fair and accurate business property assessments.