About the Board

Pursuant to the provisions of the California Constitution, the Board of Supervisors governs the Santa Cruz County unincorporated area and is the executive and legislative governing body of the County of Santa Cruz. The Board directs overall operations of the various County departments and districts by establishing policies and approving the budgets and financing for all of County government and certain special districts.

The Board of Supervisors also serves as the governing body for a number of political entities separate from the County, including County Service Areas, the Santa Cruz County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, and County road maintenance districts. Board members also serve on other local and regional boards such as the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, the Local Agency Formation Commission and the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission. (Please see subsequent pages for information relative to individual members of the Board.)

The current Chair of the Board of Supervisors is  Justin Cummings.

To learn more about the Board of Supervisors role, please visit the California Association of Counties website: County Structure & Powers - California State Association of Countie,