County of Santa Cruz

Employee Recognition Awards Winners - 2021

General Government

Matt Price

As the GIS Manager for the Information Services Department, Matt was involved in many important projects over the past year, including mapping debris flow risks, producing countless redistricting and cannabis maps, and creating a special layer for hemp growers for use by the Agricultural Commissioners Department. Matt also played a vital role in integrating various layers of information between our GIS and Zonehaven platforms to make the data available in the Emergency Operations Center more effective for decision makers. Throughout all of these projects, Matt consistently demonstrated superb leadership skills including technical ability, business acumen, decision quality, composure, patience, and excellent customer service and deserves to be commended for his contributions to the County of Santa Cruz.

Personnel Public Defender Team

Sharonda Cannon and Michelle Moore

Sharonda Cannon, Michelle Moore
In 2020, the Board approved a plan to transition indigent defense services from a contracted private law firm to a new internal County Public Defender department. The Personnel Transition team, composed of Associate Personnel Analyst Michelle Moore and Assistant Personnel Analyst Sharonda Cannon, was responsible for overseeing the classification of over ten new positions, the recruitment of the County’s first Public Defender, the recruitment of attorneys and investigators, and the hiring of staff at appropriate step levels. Sharonda and Michelle also provided additional support in creating the new department’s organizational chart and structure, ensuring civil services rules were adhered to, and providing overall guidance and advice in the creation of the new Public Defender’s Office. Because of the teams’ hard work and perseverance, the County has been able to move forward with the establishment and staffing of this new department.

Scott Weldon

As the Personnel Technician for the Human Services Department, Scott Weldon’s regular duties involve managing the evaluations, recruitments, separations, and leaves for over 500 employees. In 2021, Scott not only handled his regular responsibilities, but he was also involved in the hiring, promoting, and separating over 700 people. During this time, Scott was helpful, reliable, and effectively collaborated with multiple partners in order to achieve this feat, which has been a tremendous benefit to HSD’s fiscal payroll. Scott was instrumental in processing hundreds of Personnel transactions in order to staff COVID-19 homeless shelters and he also supported and provided resources for employees who were going through their own struggles with COVID-19. For these reasons, we want to thank and honor Scott for his hard work and contributions.